GeoDirectory Experts

Do you want to create a business directory or just add some GEO Directory features to a lifestyle blog? Then the popular WordPress GeoDirectory Plugin is a sound choice that can scale to significant listing and visitor numbers. You will need to pay as the core free version will not have sufficient features for most businesses with the annual subscription being $199 (@March 2020).

Praeparo, have over the years been on GeoDirectories journey and created sites on the original v1 plugin and now the much improved v2 plugin.

Although on paper an easy plugin to use it does take significant work to create a very performant and unique directory. If you just keep adding every feature possible then the resulting bloat in your website will mean to get the necessary visitor performance, you will need to be spending a fortune on dedicated hosting.

Whatever your WordPress GeoDirectory project, we are on hand to support you.  Call us on 01442 78 1091 or use the contact form below:

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