Our WordPress Management Solution

Our WordPress Management Solution

We believe that every small business or a personal blog website that uses WordPress needs to be actively managed. We also believe that every site is different and our solutions must adapt to your needs and not your needs to any management solution.

It all starts with WordPress hosting

Any WordPress site needs to be optimised and be able to scale as your business grows. We can provide recommendations for you to manage yourself or we can remove all the hassle and run your hosting for you through our hosting partner Cloudways.

Dedicated Environment
No shared servers. All our servers have dedicated resources that allow you to maximize server and app performance.
Backup & Restore
Automated or on-demand backups are created at an offsite location and can be restored on demand.
CDN allows you to host static files close to your users helping to speed up access and reduce server load.
All servers are protected by firewalls that filter out malicious traffic and keep out intruders.
Our built-in SSL certificates keep sensitive data on your site secure and fulfils all your HTTPS (browser padlock) requirements.
We perform regular OS patches on your server, ensuring a secure server and avoids vulnerabilities.
24/7 Real-Time Monitoring
Your server is being monitored in real-time 24/7/365.
Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

You may need to migrate your website

If you pick our hosting partner, migration includes moving your entire site to our servers and testing to make sure it is functioning perfectly as it currently does on your live site. This includes analysis of the best options around performance optimisation which is a unique balance based on the WordPress theme and plugins your site uses.

You have a website but it needs to be managed

Your site is a key channel for doing business with your customers, suppliers or blog followers. It is easy and cheap to get a WordPress site up and running but takes effort and knowledge to ensure it remains secure, performant and reliable.

Staging Areas
Staging environments allow you to test major application changes without breaking the live version.

Add Team Members
Limited or full access can be provided to your server or application.

We provide a WordPress optimized stack with ready to use caches to deliver the best user experience.

You need friendly support

You don’t want to be a WordPress expert and so need someone friendly to run through your challenges and opportunities. An emphasis on pro-active self-healing hosting complemented by an online ticketing system!

Proactive Application Monitoring
Server and application monitoring tools are built into the Platform, we will inform you and start investigating if your server has a problem. 
Auto-Healing Servers
You don’t have to worry about your website crashing. Many issues within the server are resolved with auto-healing restarts.
Online Ticketing
Track queries or issues online as we action them.