Praeparo WordPress Portfolio

Praeparo WordPress Portfolio

Here we show a few sites we currently look after.

Coast Radar

Coast Radar - beach and coastal information site

A location-based website and blog that has 1,000’s of pages all searchable based on text or location parameters. The site requires strong optimisation for performance as it is media-rich and has large visitor numbers.

Nearest Brewery

Nearest Brewery - UK brewery search site

Location-based website and blog using the popular GeoDirectory plugin.

Beespoke beekeeping

Beespokebeekeeping - Bee products, education and services site

Small business WordPress site for a start-up that needs a light touch with a plan to grow as the business is established.


MyPAWfectPlace dog-frioendly UK search tools

Location-based website providing a UK searchable guide to dog-friendly locations.