WordPress Marketing

WordPress Marketing, it is often said that content is king and a tool like WordPress leads the way in being able to generate content quickly, but how do you get quality visitors to your site?

The problem is that unless you are in a very small niche market you will need to compete against other business websites. We often describe this as imagine you have a high street of shops selling the same product and you only have time to enter two, which two will you enter.

You need to convince the person searching that it is worth entering your website. We have split our marketing into three phases, click on the pictures for more details:

WordPress website audit
Website Audit

A technical review of your website against your business objectives to see if you have any problems.

WordPress website optimisation
Website Optimisation

Taking the results of your audit and looking to solve any problems and optimise for your requirments.

Blogger outreach
Marketing Outreach

It helps when other websites point at your content and our outreach services source these links.

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