Welcome to Ian Barnes’ World

Hello! I’m Ian Barnes, an IT professional and passionate blogger specialising in the British outdoors. My journey into the blogging world is driven by a profound love for photography, the stunning British coastline, and the joy of exploring nature with my faithful dog.

Ian Barnes - IT Professional & British Oudoors Blogger

Expertise in IT

With over thirty years of experience in the IT industry, I have honed my skills in various technical domains. My background in IT has equipped me with a keen eye for detail, problem-solving abilities, and a knack for innovation. These skills define my professional career and allow me to run my own websites, enriching my blogging endeavours and allowing me to bring a unique perspective to my readers.

Passion for the Outdoors

Growing up in the UK, I deeply appreciated the country’s diverse landscapes. The rugged coastlines, serene countryside, and beautiful villages have always captivated me. I wanted to share my adventures and help others, capturing the essence of the British outdoors through location information and stunning photography.

My adventures are captured across two blogs: Coast Radar and MyPAWfectPlace.

Photography Enthusiast

Photography is more than just a hobby for me; it’s a way to document and share the beauty of the natural world. Armed with my camera and phone, I venture into the countryside and coastline to capture breathtaking moments and landscapes. Each photograph tells a story, reflecting my experiences and the awe-inspiring places I’ve explored.

Adventures with My Dog

No adventure is complete without my loyal companion, Lily, accompanying me on many outdoor escapades. Together, we try to find and explore hidden gems along the British coastline, traverse scenic trails, and immerse ourselves in the tranquillity of nature. My blog features our journeys around a dog-friendly Britain.

Authoritative and Trustworthy Content

My blogs are a trusted source of information for outdoor enthusiasts. I strive to provide well-researched, insightful, factual content that resonates with my audience.

Connect with Me

Thank you for visiting. I invite you to explore my blogs, enjoy the stories and photographs, and join me on my adventures.

You can download some of my photos for free on Pixabay or check me out on LinkedIn.